Learning About, Interacting With, and Actively Conserving Our Natural Resources

Participating Schools and Participants

  1. Admiral Herbert G. Hopwood Middle School
    • Ms. Riya Nathrani
    • Irene Wang
    • Laura Wang
    • Leilani Attao
    • Princess Gerardino
  2. DanDan Middle School
    • Mr. James Montenegro
    • Jett Montenegro
    • Mai Peters
    • Mharc De Belen
  3. Mount Carmel School
    • Mrs. Eleonor Alejo
    • Mercedes Cruz
    • Riana Travilla
    • Tiana Torres
    • Tyana Tesiro
  4. Saipan Community School
    • Mr. Justin Cook
    • Drei Camacho
    • Leighton Palacios
    • Lola Guerrero
    • Sheryne Yang
  5. Saipan International School (2 Teams)
    • Mrs. April Liske-Clark
    • Andrew Chung
    • Andrew Sablan
    • Jinie Thompson
    • Pyper Liske-Clark
    • Jason Yu
    • Lya Kim
    • Phoneix Gross
    • Zi Hao (Michael) Zhou


  1. Orientation

    • Environmental Stewardship – MINA

    • Micronesia Challenge – Pheona David, Micronesia Challenge Young Champion / Office of Planning and Development

    • Reef Report – Rodney Camacho, Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality (BECQ) Division of Coastal Resources Management (DCRM

    • Climate Change – Mallory Muna, BECQ DCRM & Colleen Flores, BECQ DCRM

    • Conservation Action Plan(ning) - MINA

  2. Laolao Bay Reveg Site Field Experience

    • Ridge to Reef and The Plants In-Between – Zachary Williams, BECQ DCRM

    • Fire Hazard and Mitigation – Ilan Bubb, BECQ DCRM / NOAA Coral Fellow

  3. Ocean Awareness Field Experience

    • Coral Reef Initiative – Mallory Muna, BECQ DCRM & Colleen Flores, BECQ DCRM

    • CNMI Sea Turtles – Carey Demapan, DLNR

    • Marine Protected Areas / Marine Debris – MINA

    • CNMI Snorkels – David Benavate, Denise Perez, John Iguel & Rodney Camacho, CNMI Marine Monitoring Team

  4. Final Presentations

    • Guest Speaker: Shannon Sasamoto, Miss Northern Marianas (former SFEC participant)

    • Participating SFEC School Participants

School Project Objectives

  1. Admiral Herbert G. Hopwood Middle School

    • Proposes to preserve and restore the beauty of their old campus by planting trees and flowers in addition to collection rainwater through a rainwater collection system to be used to water the plants.

  2. DanDan Middle School

    • Proposes to restore lost shade trees from Super Typhoon Soudelor and Yutu with local fruit trees that will be benefitted as bird habitat, shade and rainwater control.
  3. Mount Carmel School

    • Address the effects of climate change on campus through outreach and upcycled collected plastic water bottles instead of sending them to the landfill.

  4. Saipan Community School

    • Reduce the overall campus/beach trash by 90% by installing trash cans along the beach side behind the campus grounds and monitoring amount collected and planting trees on campus.

  5. Saipan International School (Team I)

    • Proposes to plant 100 trees on campus, convert 100% incandescent bulbs to LED within SIS campus and decrease air-conditioning usage in each classroom by one hour per day.

  6. Saipan International School (Team II)

    • Proposes to plant 15 fruit trees on campus, build four raised garden beds and achieve two days per week where snacks are provided from the garden instead of store-bought items by September 2022.


Knowledge Survey Results and Comparison


  1. What is Climate Change?
  2. What are the effects of Climate Change?
  3. What are the causes of Climate Change?
  4. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) do what?
  5. Name the MPAs of the CNMI.
  6. What activities are restricted at the Managaha Marine Conservation Area?
  7. What is a watershed?
  8. What are the functions of a watershed?
  9. Where does water from the street and parking lots go?
  10. Do you know of any watersheds on Saipan?
    1. If you marked yes to question 10, please name a watershed.
  11. What is a coral?
  12. What types of coral reefs are found on Saipan?
  13. What is environmental stewardship?
  14. What are the 6Rs?
  15. What are the actions of an environmental steward?




Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality (BECQ) - Division of Coastal Resources Management (DCRM)

Department of Lands and Natural Resources


Press / Media Releases

February 20, 2020 - MINA to hold annual conservation event for schools

October 14, 2020 - MINA's Schools for Environmental Conservation Orientation: A virtual success

November 12, 2020 - Schools for Environmental Conservation: Preparing for the Future with MINA


Funding for this year’s SFEC program was provided by the Micronesia Conservation Trust with the region’s aim to meet the goals of the Micronesia Challenge: 2020 Milestone and Beyond.

Last Updated 2/17/2021