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Empowering Communities for Conservation

The Mariana Islands Nature Alliance thrives on the dedication and commitment of its volunteers to carry out its mission. Through MINA's stewardship projects and unique programs, we continue to work together with the community to sustain the natural environment for our island way of life.  Each of our volunteer is proud and ready to give back to nature.

Our environment impacts all of us. From human health issues to climate change- giving back to nature is a sure way to building our resilience.


Join MINA Today

Becoming a MINA volunteer is the best way to help protect and restore the full range of habitats that sustain the CNMI's natural biodiversity and natural heritage. MINA's volunteers come from all walks of life and are tied together with a clear understanding that we, the people of the Northern Mariana Islands, have the right and responsibility to act as natural stewards for our environment.