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Roberta Guerrero, Executive Director

Roberta Guerrero, Executive Director, came to MINA in March, 2017.  Roberta has been a resident of Saipan since 1973, and brings over thirty years’ of business management experience to the organization.  She has also served in a volunteer capacity for numerous non-profit organizations on Saipan, co-founder of the annual American Red Cross Club 200 and Red Cross Walk-a-thon, and special charitable fundraising events sponsored by Off the Beaten Path.    She also served for six years as a Board Member of Marianas Visitors Authority where she co-founded the annual Taste of the Marianas, and served as overall Chair for the Visit the Marianas ’99 campaign to celebrate the turn of the Century and tourism in the Marianas.  Roberta holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of California at Berkeley and a Master of Arts from California State University East Bay, and is a proud mother and grandmother.  She brings to MINA her passion for preserving and protecting the islands’ fragile environment for future generations.



Elizabeth Furey, Program Manager

Since she joined the MINA team in 2013, Becky Furey has been thrilled to contribute to the conservation of the CNMI’s natural resources as the organization’s Program Manager. She’s always wanted to work for a non-profit organization where her passion for the community could make a positive difference. Becky manages ranger volunteers, assists in overseeing day-to-day operations, creates volunteer driven events, and coordinates several of MINA’s campaigns including the Plastic Bag Challenge campaign through which MINA has successfully implemented “Taya Plastic Tuesdays” in partnership with Joeten. Becky also performs a variety of standard administrative duties and responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning of the office and programs. Her passion for the environment drives her to help MINA continue conservation efforts throughout the island community. She is most proud of helping our Tasi Watch Community Rangers make positive changes in the areas that inspire them. She has been the Tasi-Watch Coordinator for over 3 years.  While leading the program, Becky works closely with the Rangers, partner agencies and communities to ensure it is effective and efficient. Becky is a CNMI native from the village of DanDan who is committed to helping grow the program and to develop it in manner that addresses CNMI Coral Reef Management Priorities and existing Conservation Action Plans. Coming from a family of ocean-faring people, it was only natural that she would desire to explore and protect the CNMI’s natural resources. Her time with MINA, her concern for the natural environment, and her passion for working with communities to ensure the island way of life, led her to pursue a Master of Science in Environmental Policy & Management.


Tasi Watch Rangers:

Wayne Dawe, Lead Ranger
Austin Piteg, Ranger
Delfin Camacho, Ranger
Daniel Kaipat, Ranger
Michelle Kautz, Ranger
Daniel Ogumoro, Ranger