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Events and Efforts

Beach Clean Up    

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About Tasi Watch

The Tasi-Watch Outreach Program is developed to build and strengthen local capacity involvement in near-shore marine management in Laolao Bay.  In partnership with the Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Coastal Resources Management Office (CRM), Historical Preservation Office (HPO), Division of Fish & Wildlife (DFW), and Forestry, these agencies will provide guidance and training to MINA's Tasi Watch volunteers and Rangers by working together to protect it and reduce key threats to Laolao Bay's coral reef- land-based pollution from litter, sedimentation, and recreational uses. To be "I Mattan I Tasi" or "The Face of the Sea", community members are asked to take a pledge, volunteer and be natural stewards of our by, our ocean.

Tasi Watch has three conservation plans:

Learn and Giveback to Conservation

MINA's trained volunteers will be on site to raise community awareness and provide support for better community conservation practices.  Through our Tasi Watch Outreach Program, volunteers will be on site to provide information and materials related to Laolao Bay's marine ecology, cultural and historical insights, applicable resource laws and regulations, proper fishing methods, and best environmental self-awarenss practices - learn and giveback to nature by volunteering today!

Monitor and Apply Conservation

To help MINA achieve conservation results and measure the success of the Tasi Watch Outreach Program, the Laolao Bay Community Rangers will be the "Keepers of the Bay" by patroling and monitoring Laolao Bay coastal areas.  Through on-site surveillance, the Laolao Bay Community Rangers will be monitoring activities, attitudes and behaviors of people from each site.  Once reports are generated and analyzed, each report will be used to help build MINA's Laolao Bay User's Data Base and will be used to measure enforcement efforts.  Although MINA is not authorized to give out citations or penalties to violators, MINA's Laolao Bay Community Rangers and volunteers will exercise their rights as citizens and keepers of the bay by providing written statements or testimonies as witnesses to such violations or incidents.

Promote and Respect Conservation

Working closely with the Parole Baord, MINA proposes to start a new program called the Laolao Bay Environmental Rehabilitation Services.  Under this program, poachers and other violators will be given a second chance to contribute positively to Laolao Bay’s fragile ecosystems  Through this program, violators who cannot afford to pay for their violations will have the opportunity to participate in the Laolao Bay Conservation Rehabilitation Services. From youth to adult, they can participate in MINA's conservation efforts and be a contributing citizen of the bay.  Like all volunteers, they will undergo the required training process where they can learn and understand the concept behind conservation and why it is important to protect our natural resources.


Campaign Lauch was on March 22, 2012. Click here for pictures.

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The Tasi Watch project is supported through a sub-grant from the Division of Environmental Quality and the Coastal Resource Management Office.  Funding is provided by the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program

Last Updated 2/27/2015